Verosol External Blinds

Verosol external blinds and shutters control heat, light and solar energy, and allow for the integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Blind Concepts offers a huge range of external blinds that are designed to suit all your outdoor shading needs. Stylish and versatile, our selection of blinds include those built from the finest fabrics. They offer an effective means of solar control and allow you to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Browse through our collection for a fabulous range of external blinds.


Our External Roller Blind systems are created using premium materials such as stainless steel, glass-filled nylon and extruded aluminium along with top quality fabrics. This ensures longevity, durability and high performance in all conditions.


Verosol Ambience External ZIP and WIREGUIDE Blinds provide seamless integration of indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. Not only do they ensure privacy and comfort, they’re ideal for enclosing alfresco areas, outdoor patios and balconies, whilst offering protection from the elements.

Verosol’s external screens will extend your outdoor living, providing comfort and insulation, all delivered with the security of a trusted brand.


Verosol external shutters are made from high-quality materials like hardwood and aluminium designed to weather Australia’s climate, ensuring longevity for your investment. Each blade is reinforced for strength and impact dispersement, along with connecting joints. All hardware supplied with our shutters are also made from premium materials to ensure durability.

External shutters are a stylish solution to heat, glare and UV reduction, offering a classic look that will suit any facade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big can Verosol External Blinds be made?

Verosol External Blinds can reach a maximum size of 6500mm x 4000mm.

Why use Verosol External Blinds?
  • One product system solves all requirements in a simple way.
  • Common components across the entire product line.
  • A highly functional product that can be discreetly concealed when not in use.
  • Increases access to natural ventilation and daylight.
  • Provides protection against heat and glare without compromising views.
  • Can reduce energy usage.
  • Protects against fading and extends the life of interior furnishings.
  • Various finish types to meet all needs, including custom colour matching.
  • Allows for an integrated simple installation with components that can be recessed into columns and ceiling cavities.
  • All products are motorized and easily compatible with home and building automation systems.
  • Offers a range of fabric choices that provide solar and privacy protection.
What options do Verosol External Blinds have?
  • Verosol external blinds offer a simple system for all applications. Cable guide with open brackets
  • Cable guide with head box
  • Multiple base fitting option for cables
  • Verolock retention technology with head box
  • Verolock retention technology without a head box

Any combination of options can be used in a simple method for solar and privacy protection.

How are the blinds operated?
  • All Verosol External blinds are motorised controlled via remote control and/or easily integrated into home and building automation systems. There are options for sun and wind sensors.
  • Wind sensors are recommended on all Verosol External blinds.
Can the blinds be left down on windy days?

The Verolock system is robust and can be installed throughout coastal regions and locations prone to winds. If you are considering the wind speed, please take note of the following information:

  • In severe windy conditions, blinds should be left up fully retracted – halfway is the most vulnerable position. During severe weather events, your blinds should be fully retracted.
  • Care must be taken when operating motorized blinds in windy conditions. They must be supervised whilst raising and lowering always.
  • Installation is crucial to determining the performance of your blind under wind conditions.
What is the warranty?

5 year warranty

What colours are available?

The blinds hardware comes in three standard powder coat colours:

  • Pearl White
  • Satin Black and
  • Clear Anodised
  • Custom colours are available

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