Blind Concepts: Where Design Meets Innovation

At Blind Concepts, we are at the forefront of interior design innovation, proudly offering a range of designer blinds, wallpaper, and wall art. What sets Blind Concepts apart is our commitment to collaborating with Hewlett Packard, harnessing the power of their Digital Latex Ink and Digital Latex Ink Printer for home interior design.

This collaboration represents a whole new approach to interior design, both for commercial and residential spaces. We have seamlessly merged our 25+ years of expertise in blind manufacturing and installation with cutting-edge technology from HP. The result is a complete turnkey solution that transforms your home or building design into a work of art.

We work closely with clients, architects, and builders to breathe life into your creative visions. Whether you seek unique blinds, stunning wallpaper, or captivating wall art, we are here to make your interior design dreams a reality. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration sets us apart, and we are excited to be your partner in creating spaces that inspire and captivate.  

Find Out More About Our Water-based HP Latex Ink Prints

Our water-based HP Latex Ink prints are engineered to cater to sensitive indoor environments, such as healthcare settings. These prints are not only odorless, creating a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, but they are also low-emitting. In fact, they meet the stringent criteria of UL GREENGUARD GOLD, ensuring that they are safe for unrestricted use in full room décour. They also adhere to the AgBB criteria and Émissions dans l’air intérieur standards, earning a very low emitting A+ rating. This level of commitment to indoor air quality and environmental responsibility underscores our dedication to delivering not only visually appealing but also health-conscious and eco-friendly solutions.  

Dharma Temple Riddles Creek. Arhitects: Sense of Space.

Introducing the transcendent Dharma Temple crafted by the visionary architects at Sense of Space, where every detail reflects serenity and sophistication.

Adorned with exquisite window coverings curated by the team at Bradleys Curtains of Woodend, the Dharma Temple embodies elegance and grace.

Immerse yourself in the ethereal ambiance as you behold the bespoke artwork printed onto two blinds,  by Blind Concepts and seamlessly integrated by Bradleys Curtains of Woodend. Each stroke of art adorns the temple evoking a sense of timeless beauty.

Experience the epitome of modern convenience with Somfy Automation, as the art gracefully ascends into discreet ceiling-mounted enclosures, leaving behind an aura of seamless tranquility.

Witness the fusion of art and innovation, where creativity knows no bounds. With a vast array of customisable options, including roller blinds, wall art canvas with framing services, and even wallpaper, we collaborate with regional and interstate specialists, architects, and discerning specifiers to bring your vision to life.

Elevate your space with art on demand – where every image is a masterpiece waiting to unfold. Discover the allure of bespoke elegance at Dharma Temple, a sanctuary of inspired design.


Water-based Latex Inks and PVC-Free Materials: Our commitment to your well-being extends to our use of environmentally friendly latex inks and PVC-free materials. By choosing these eco-friendly alternatives, you not only contribute to a healthier indoor environment but also align with sustainability practices that have a positive impact on the broader ecosystem.

My Touch Of Paradise Brunswick & Beyond

For our client, the heart of their residential world beats in Brunswick, yet they find their sanctuary on the welcoming coastal property in Maroon, Victoria. Surrounded by the vast expanse of natural forest that graces their coastal abode, they yearned to capture this slice of paradise even when residing in Brunswick.

This longing led to a unique inquiry – could Blind Concepts reproduce a cherished photograph from one of their regular property walks onto a block-out blind? The result is nothing short of breathtaking. The project stands as a testament to the incredible possibilities that our pure latex inks, Green Star certified and non-toxic, bring to life. Not only are they environmentally responsible, but they are also incredibly versatile, designed to endure the rigors of rolling and bending throughout the entire life of a roller blind.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Take your smartphone, capture your favourite image, and entrust the rest to Blind Concepts. We specialize in printed blinds, manufactured in Melbourne for a myriad of domestic and commercial applications. Our offerings extend to block-out, sunscreen, and non-transparent fabrics, all of which can be seamlessly powered by Somfy Automation.

With Blind Concepts, you can bring your paradise to life, whether it’s in Brunswick or beyond. Capture your cherished memories and let us transform them into stunning printed blinds that will not only enhance your space but also tell your unique story.

Elevating Melbourne Sky Deck with Printed Roller Blinds Blind Concepts

Blind Concepts reached new heights in innovation at the Melbourne Sky Deck. The Sky Deck, a popular attraction, was in need of a permanent, colourful, and informative visitor control mechanism to streamline access to the elevators, ensuring guests didn’t wander aimlessly in the hallway. We had the perfect answer: a printed roller blind.

Melbourne Sky Deck provided the image, and Blind Concepts took it from there. With our water-based HP Latex Ink prints, we transformed their vision into a vibrant and functional solution. Our prints not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, especially in high-traffic public areas.

Furthermore, our prints are designed with sensitivity to indoor environments in mind. They are odourless, ensuring that guests have a delightful experience. Our commitment to indoor air quality extends to meeting the stringent criteria of UL GREENGUARD GOLD, allowing for unrestricted use in full room décour. These prints also adhere to the AgBB criteria and emissions dans l’air intérieur standards, earning an impressive very low emitting A+ rating.

Our dedication to both aesthetics and environmental responsibility shines through in our commitment to providing visually appealing, health-conscious, and eco-friendly solutions. These printed roller blinds were proudly crafted in Melbourne by Blind Concepts and are available with Somfy Automation for added convenience and ease of use.

Vibrant Collaboration at Tullamore with Mirvac Clients

The Tullamore project, nestled on the former Eastern Golf Course on Doncaster Rd, Doncaster, has blossomed into a vibrant community developed by Mirvac. This expansive space, spanning over 9 hectares, has transformed into a hub of housing, apartments, open areas, and cafes, offering an ultimate lifestyle choice.

The architecturally designed Tullamore apartments maintain a consistent colour covenant for the façade, necessitating a uniform grey exterior for all window furnishings. Traditionally, this restriction limited the colour options available for internal roller blinds.

Enter Blind Concepts – the gateway to a world of colour and innovation. Utilising our green-rated natural latex inks, we curated an entire spectrum of colours for buyers to choose from. We print these long-life latex inks onto a grey-backed (exterior) fabric, ensuring compliance with the covenant while allowing a burst of colour and diversity within the interiors.

Not stopping at mere colours, we also offer colour matching to popular paint brands like Dulux, British Paints, and Porters. Additionally, printing images is our forte, enabling us to bring your visions to life.

At Blind Concepts, we believe in breaking limitations set by building covenants. We proudly craft blinds in Melbourne that reflect your individuality, offering a diverse palette of colours and designs that express your unique style and personality.

All our printed blinds may be powered by Somfy Automation.

Shop Fronts – The Fishmonger, Kyneton Victoria

The Fishmonger, an establishment by the Oliver family—local farmers, restaurateurs, and valued Blind Concepts clients—welcomed the community to their exquisite Fish Monger retail outlet in Kyneton, Victoria.

When in operation, showcasing the finest fresh Victorian seafood, the windows come alive with vibrant colours and displays, providing both customers and passersby with a tempting view and the opportunity to make selections.

To maintain the allure of the fresh produce imagery without cluttering the window with permanent printed logos, the family sought a solution that would project the business image for when closed. The answer came in the form of printed roller blinds featuring the business’s logo, name, website, and trading hours.

During trading hours, the blind elegantly rolls away, unveiling clear windows for seamless viewing and effective product marketing. Notably, our inks are designed for fresh food environments, being odorless and composed of approximately 65% water plus natural latex. They meet rigorous safety standards, including UL GREENGUARD GOLD, ensuring they are safe for unrestricted use in full room décor. Additionally, they comply with AgBB criteria and Émissions dans l’air intérieur standards, earning an A+ rating for very low emissions.

Our commitment to indoor air quality and environmental responsibility is further emphasised by offering PVC-free fabrics that complement the green inks. Moreover, all solutions can be seamlessly powered by Somfy Automation.

Visit The Fishmonger at to experience the perfect blend of visually appealing, health-conscious products for your fresh food haven.

Printed and manufactured in Bayswater, Melbourne by Blind Concepts.

Supporting Local Craftsmanship in Bayswater, Melbourne.

Discover the magic of our cutting-edge HP Latex Printers, showcased right here in Bayswater, Melbourne. This state-of-the-art print technology is a testament to our commitment to local and Australian manufacturing.

When you choose Blind Concepts, you’re not just investing in window furnishings, wall art, or wallpaper; you’re supporting the vibrant landscape of Australian craftsmanship. Our high-tech printing process utilises the latest Green-certified natural latex inks, all meticulously crafted under one roof in Bayswater, Melbourne.

Whether we’re bringing your selected Dulux (or any other brand) paint colors to life or transforming your photos and imagery into compelling stories, each print contributes to the flourishing local manufacturing community. After the printing process, our skilled team in roller blind manufacturing takes charge, ensuring the final product meets our stringent quality standards.

This demonstration, where we precisely match a colour to complement the Dulux range for one of Melbourne’s leading architects, is just a glimpse of what we can achieve. Don’t settle for off-the-shelf options—engage with Blind Concepts for a truly unique, personalised touch to your home or commercial space, be it window furnishings, wall art, or wallpaper. Your choice not only adds character to your space but also supports the thriving craftsmanship in our local community.

The Latex Inks are designed with sensitivity to indoor environments in mind. They are odourless, ensuring that guests have a delightful experience. Our commitment to indoor air quality extends to meeting the stringent criteria of UL GREENGUARD GOLD, allowing for unrestricted use in full room décour. These prints also adhere to the AgBB criteria and Émissions dans l’air intérieur standards, earning an impressive very low emitting A+ rating.

As well, we offer fabrics that are PVC-free to complement the green criteria of our inks.

All our latex ink roller blinds can be powered by Somfy Automation.