Blind Concepts Community Support Embracing The Think Pink Foundation


For over two decades, the “Roberts” family, the driving force behind Blind Concepts, has steadfastly supported The Think Pink Foundation. Our commitment spans direct financial contributions, in-kind donations, and active participation in fundraising initiatives. At one point, a family member held positions on the Foundation’s Board, further solidifying our dedication.

This unwavering support continues through Blind Concepts’ collaboration with Mirvac, Australia’s foremost home builder. Together, we spearhead fundraising efforts for The Think Pink Foundation. Mirvac, recognising our commitment, designates Blind Concepts as one of the preferred suppliers for their Melbourne apartment developments, including prestigious projects such as Eastbourne in East Melbourne, Voyager in Docklands, and Tullamore in Doncaster.

Blind Concepts pledges to donate 5% of every customer order’s product value to the Think Pink Foundation. Each contribution is meticulously recorded and receipted by Think Pink, acknowledging the generosity of our clients on an individual basis.

To enhance our offering of distinctive window coverings tailored for each client, Blind Concepts has invested in cutting-edge technology, such as the latest Latex Printer. This allows for the customisation of roller blinds, wallpaper, and wall art, providing clients the opportunity to curate their living spaces with personalized designs while adhering to building covenants for the facades.

Our inks are odourless and composed of approximately 65% water plus natural latex. They meet rigorous safety standards, including UL GREENGUARD GOLD, ensuring they are safe for unrestricted use in full room décor.

Additionally, they comply with AgBB criteria and Émissions dans l’air intérieur standards, earning an A+ rating for very low emissions. Our commitment to indoor air quality and environmental responsibility is further emphasised by our offering of PVC-free fabrics that complement the green inks

At Think Pink, their focus lies in addressing the genuine needs and challenges faced by those navigating the complexities of a breast cancer diagnosis. The Foundation supports individuals at every stage of their journey, from the initial diagnosis, through treatment, and onto survivorship.

In essence, Think Pink’s mission is to facilitate a more positive experience through breast cancer for patients and their families. This is achieved by offering direct emotional, practical, and physical support through a range of programs at their unique wellness centre known as The Living Centre, Docklands Melbourne. Importantly, all services are provided free of charge, with no restrictions on the number of visits, welcoming breast cancer patients from any treatment centre at any stage of their journey.

The research underscores the importance of addressing the psychological and emotional dimensions of the disease alongside best-practice medical treatment. Blind Concepts wholeheartedly endorses the Think Pink Foundation, encouraging Mirvac clients to collaborate with us in raising crucial funds to support this vital cause.

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