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Why Are Blockout Blinds A Great Selection For Your Home?

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  • 2018

Australia is well known for its extreme weather conditions. During summer, the temperatures can shoot through the roof while during winter, in certain areas it can get very chilly. Such severe fluctuation throughout the year has a detrimental effect on your interiors and you need the right kind of blinds to protect your home.

Blockout blinds are an excellent choice when looking for blinds that offer maximum protection to your interiors while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Maximum protection from light and heat

As the name suggests, the most noticeable advantage of blockout blinds is, of course, their ability to completely block out natural as well as artificial light.

This makes them the perfect choice for windows in your bedrooms, a home theatre, your home office or study or other areas where harsh glare can become very uncomfortable.

With blockout blinds, you can enjoy maximum comfort while indoors even during the harsh summer months.


Another huge advantage of blockout blinds is that they provide great insulation throughout the year. Once you lower the blinds, your windows are completely sealed from the weather outside. During summer, your rooms will remain really cool and comfy, reducing the need for the air conditioner.

Similarly, during winter, you can keep the windows open during the day to allow the sunlight to warm your interiors naturally. Once the evening sets in, lower the blinds to seal the windows. This ensures that the heat stays trapped inside.

Reduced energy bills

As is evident from the above point, blockout blinds are just what you need when you want to save on the ever rising energy bills. With blockout blinds, you will need to use an air conditioner or the heater less often. The money you save can be put to better use towards other household expenses.

Excellent noise control

Blockout blinds are a great way to reduce external sounds and noise especially if you live on a main arterial road or close to noisy places such as railway lines or an airport.

Excellent privacy

Blockout blinds also ensures maximum privacy for you and your family. Sheer blinds are not so effective especially during the night when the lights are switched on. People walking outside can often see through sheer blinds if the lighting inside the room is especially bright.

Blockout blinds are, therefore, a necessity when you want to enjoy your time in complete privacy.

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