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How You Can Use Internet of Things (IoT) and in Your Daily Life

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  • 2018

A genie who can build cities and beautiful gardens at the snap of a finger! Or can get you whatever you want – exotic food, the best of clothes and a magic carpet that takes you around the world! Well, if you think you can’t get such things for real, you can still get close enough with IoT!

If not at the snap of a finger, you can get many things done by the touch of a button. From automated doors and smart lighting to temperature control, the Internet has opened the possibilities. You can remotely control anything and everything, from a jet engine to your kitchen coffee maker using just the Internet.

That’s IoT or Internet of Things for you.

Getting IoT to You

Your home and office can be the best examples of how you can get IoT to simplify life for you.

Internet-connected devices and appliances enable integrated control. You can use them for security, energy efficiency or simply for convenience.

Automated blinds, for example, can be controlled to adjust according to natural light or artificial light, using your phone. The team at Blind Concepts is here to help answer all your queries about automated blinds.

Temperature and Light Control

Most people want their homes to be welcoming and cosy, whether it is at the end of a tiring day at work or when they are hosting guests.

Thermostats connected to Wi-Fi are used for adjusting home temperature even if you are not around to do it. IoT can help you maximise energy efficiency here. Set your blinds to automatically keep out the heat or cold and you get a relaxed atmosphere when you enter your home. No more worrying about the increasing utility bills.

Automated blinds and screens can help you to control the natural lighting as well as artificial lighting in your home and office. Set a lighting schedule, or make sure the blinds close when there is a lot of natural light that could heat up the interiors. And all this, straight from your phone!

Want to know how IoT can help you accentuate your home or office? Call us now!

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