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Sheer curtains over block out roller blinds

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Sheer curtains

Roller Blinds with Curtains – Functional Combination of Window Treatments

Several homeowners are now turning towards custom window treatments, as it serves numerous purposes. Although sheer curtains have been reigning for many years now, today, roller blinds with curtains are becoming extremely popular. Apart from increasing the aesthetic appeal of your room’s interior, roller blinds with curtains also offer a multitude of other benefits. Besides, adding custom window treatments will also help you to increase the overall value of your property. Sheer curtains not only provide privacy, but also accentuate the decorative style of your interiors.

When it comes to choosing the right window treatment, it is important to understand that different rooms have different requirements. Roller blinds with curtains strike a perfect balance between practical needs of a space and complementing room décor. At Blind Concepts, we offer top-quality roller blinds and sheer curtains that serve your purpose. We can also help you to combine two different window treatments such as roller blinds and sheer curtains. This combination assures light as well as privacy and complete privacy by preventing the light inflow when required.


Advantages of Roller Blinds with Curtains

If you consider investing in window treatments that are highly functional and aesthetically appealing, then Blind Concepts can help you with just that. We offer an exhaustive range of blinds, curtains and awnings, including combination window treatments such as roller blinds with curtains. Whether you want to give light and airy feel to your space or want complete privacy, we can help you with everything. Following are some of the major advantages of our window treatments:

Easy to Maintain – One of the biggest benefits of sheer curtains is that it is extremely simple to take care of it. Nobody would want to waste hours cleaning window treatments. This is why sheer curtains make a great option, as simply brushing it will render it clean and good to go

Get the View Outside without Compromising on the Privacy – If you are looking out for a lighter look, the sheer curtains make a good choice. These window treatments will enable you to get the view outside, while staying away from the prying eyes of nasty neighbors or curious passerby

  • UV Protection – These window treatments will enable sun to modestly grace your space without letting the harsh sunrays to intrude inside and damage your precious furniture, indoor décor plants and other decorative pieces
  • Tailor Made – All our sheets are individually measured & hand sewn to your specific window size


Get Quality Blinds and Curtains at Blind Concepts

At Blind Concepts, we offer quality window treatments that are designed to withstand the test of time. We have highly experienced professionals who are capable of guiding you to choose the right blinds and/or curtains that best complement your space.

Just call us on 03 9720 1778 to talk to one of our experts or click here to get your free quote!

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