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ScreenAway™ is a great new Australian design innovation bringing a new level of usability and comfort to homes.

Installed within the window frame reveal, ScreenAway™ is a made-to-measure, fully operational unit that is readily detachable for safety, and engineered for easy removal or maintenance. The ScreenAway™ Retractable Screen and Blind System can easily be retrofitted to both new and existing dwellings as well as commercial buildings. The unique design and engineering provides an attractive, practical and user friendly system suitable for all types of windows that require fly screens and blinds.


Features & Benefits

• Unique tensioning system allows for consistent fabric tension in vertical, horizontal and skylight applications
• No cords or chains making it perfect to address child safety concerns
• Retractable screens makes for easy window cleaning, especially on upper floor levels
• Small cassette size, looks neat and tidy
• Excellent room darkening effect, minimising light gaps
• Produced as a complete structure, no onsite assembly needed
• Wide range of colours available
• Easily fitted to all types of windows, old and new
• Makes window cleaning so much easier
• Out of sight, out of mind
• No more looking at ugly flyscreens 24/7
• Beautify your windows
• Turn every window into a servery




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