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Saving Your Power Bills with Home Automation

  • 23
  • 01
  • 2018

Don’t we all wish to save on the rising electricity bills at home? Home automation is one smart way of inching closer towards a smarter home. Home automation gives you control over your lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and security systems – all with the help of technology. You can get your chores done at the touch of a button or with a swipe of the finger.

Home automation will save your power bill and this is will not go unnoticed. Bring on the automation as soon as you can and you will know what we’re talking about. Here’s a look at the benefits of home automation.

Energy Saving

Home automation can help you reduce lighting bills to a considerable extent. So in case you have forgotten to turn off the lights in the hallway, a programmed system can power off light bulbs as per your instruction. It works the same with heating and cooling systems as well as motorised blinds. You will find that your electricity bills have gradually dropped due to the savings in energy.


Home management is a lot easier with home automation. With a help of a smart phone or a tablet you can control the various functionalities of all things that have an influence around your home. Make life comfortable by switching over to home automation.

Time Saving

You are suddenly unsure if the door is properly locked behind you before you stepped out of your home. You do not have to fret over going back to check if everything is in order. Home automation ensures that you that things are taken care of and saves you a lot of precious time.


You can live comfortably in a smart home with technology doing your job. A smart thermostat can control the temperature in the room if heat loss has occurred. If the temperatures are soaring outside the thermostat will adjust the room temperature accordingly and keeps the space cool. Hence you can live in comfort and style in a fully automated home.


Motion sensors allows for automatic lighting in driveways which wards of burglars and keeps your home safe. Home automation thus assures you safety and you can obtain complete peace of mind.

How to Save Your Power Bill with Home Automation?

Save your power bills with the three important smart home technologies in the areas of lighting, ventilation and room temperature control.

  • Occupancy Sensors in Lighting Systems: They detect the presence of people in rooms. If there is no occupancy the lights get turned off automatically. This is very helpful in saving rising lighting bills while also saving energy.
  • Motorised Blinds and Curtains: At dusk your motorised blinds will be drawn automatically if programmed to do so. The lights also get turned on signalling the onset of nightfall. They can also be integrated with sun sensors that close or open the curtains after taking into account the heat and intensity of the sunshine outdoors.
  • Smart Thermostats: They help in controlling the temperature of the room. They keep the room cool when the weather seems sultry and hot. In case winters are cold, the room is kept warm. The environment thus gets inviting and cosy.

Home automation is thus a boon in today’s fast-paced world. Think smart and let a smart home be part of your lavish lifestyle.

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