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Matching Blinds To Decor – Your Room By Room Guide

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  • 2018

Blinds play a great role in enhancing the aesthetic value and visual appeal of a room and the home as a whole. Matching blinds to the decor of your home is no big deal when you choose Blind Concepts. We will transform your home into a thing of beauty while incorporating technology. We specialise in blinds automation and make life simpler for you.

How To Choose Blinds For Your Rooms?

The curtains that gracefully adorn the windows have to match with the colour scheme and furnishings of the home. Only then will your living spaces appear neat and pretty. Here’s a brief room-by-room guide on how to choose blinds for different rooms of your home.

Living Rooms

The living room requires a fairly decent amount of light while providing privacy at the same time. Choose lightweight fabrics that partially block out light and provide privacy at the same time.

The living room is the most used space in your home and it is imperative that there is a bit of sophistication and style as well. Go for Roman blinds or roller shades for that splash of grace and elegance they offer.


Roman blinds or blackout blinds are a great option for bedrooms. You would want to feel cosy and comfortable and not worry about the lack of privacy. Blackout curtains offer warmth, keep out the light and offer privacy. They also provide insulation against noise and control the temperature, trapping in heat when the weather outside is cold.


Choose the kind of blinds for your kitchen that are moisture resistant. Curtains catch the odours and stains from foods that splash or spill and you need to make sure the curtains are easy to clean and maintain. Go for metal blinds that are easy to clean or plastic shades that can be easily washed when they get grimy.


Whoever said bathrooms cannot be made beautiful? You need to glam up the most relaxing space of your home by choosing the right kind of curtains. Blinds for bathrooms must offer the privacy you require and at the same time allow light to ensure the bathroom stays bright and fresh.

Choose curtains in plastic or vinyl as they are resistant to moisture and humidity. The maintenance element has to be taken into account while choosing curtains for your bathroom.

Media Room

You are a movie buff and hanging out in the media room on a weekend may be your idea of relaxation. The luxurious looking Venetian blinds or blackout curtains that prevent light penetration are a good option. Draw the curtains and settle yourself for a memorable movie time.


Those adorable looking drapes for the nursery must block out light and create a child-friendly ambience. Babies require a lot of sleep and keeping the room warm and comfortably dark with the help of blackout curtains will do your infant a world of good.

Whatever your requirements are Blind Concepts is here to help. We are a world leader in automation and getting there is just a call away. Contact us today and change your life forever.

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