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Why is Lighting plan Important when Renovating?

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  • 01
  • 2018

Effective and efficient lighting can make a big difference in your home. If the lighting is too bright or too dull, it just won’t make your day or night for that matter. Getting the lighting perfectly right depends on the right lighting plan.

If you are just planning to renovate your home or building a new one, it is the right time to get your lighting plan in place.

Why You Need a Lighting Plan

The better the lighting for a room, the longer you feel like staying there. The right kind of lighting makes a space more enjoyable. Lighting also affects the productivity. So, if you need better living, you need good lighting.

You will need to combine natural and artificial lighting to get the best output for your residential space. Planning the lighting for your home in advance can help you to use the best combination of both types of lighting.

Planning the lighting can also help in saving on utility bills. Energy consumption can be controlled and you can also ensure better temperature control.

Is Lighting plan Only About Lighting Fixtures?

On the contrary, lighting plan combines the use of lighting fixtures along with right placement of windows, vents and window blinds. Allowing maximum sunlight without heating up the interiors is what you need to ensure when you are planning the lighting before renovation.

Using outdoor blinds, vertical blinds and horizontal blinds in the right manner can give you maximum natural lighting at minimal cost.

Creating Visual Comfort

Task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting are the three types of lighting that you need to include in your lighting plan. For any room, the use of lighting will depend on what you intend to use the room for.

Task lighting is all about using spotlights and lamps for reading at a desk or over a kitchen bench.

For ambient lighting, you use the best blinds and window positions for overall illumination. Homes, home offices and offices need plenty of light to make the people in the room feel energetic. However, for social areas or dining spaces, the lighting needs to be less bright to help people feel more relaxed.

Accent lighting is all about adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

A good mix of all three types of lighting can help create the right ambience in your home or work area.

Benefits of Using Blinds

When you use the right lighting plan, you are giving your family and guests the right ambience. Window and door blinds, as well as outdoor blinds, can give the right lighting effects for your home. Choosing the right size, shape and colour for your blinds can go a long way in saving energy.

Call in the Pros at Blind Concepts

Thinking about the lighting design for your home before you begin the renovation is always the right thing to do as it can save you a lot of money, time and effort. Get the help of professional lighting experts at Blind Concepts to help you come up with the perfect lighting plan for your home.

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