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How To Shorten Venetian Blinds?

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  • 2018

Venetian blinds make a wonderful addition and can immensely upgrade the look of your home. However, for a perfect finish, you need to ensure that your blinds are of the right size. If your blinds are longer, they may bunch up at the bottom and spoil the overall look.

Do you have a longer Venetian blind and looking for an easy way to shorten it?

With the following guide, you can shorten your blinds easily.

To start with, you need to determine the ideal length of the blind. The bottom of your blind must be at least quarter an inch above your window.

• Install your blinds and select the slat that lies quarter an inch above your window. This will be the bottom slat of the shortened blind.

• Remove the plugs that lie at the bottom of the slat. The process of removing the slats from the blinds is pretty simple.

• In the next step, you need to pull the excess cord and trim it.

You can now remove the bottom rail from the cord.

• The excess slats can be removed

• Put the bottom rail back

• The lift cords need to be inserted again into the plug and tied.

• The extra ladder cord must be trimmed

• Slide the twisted ladder cords to the hole at the bottom of the rail and insert the plugs.

With the perfect finishing touch, a Venetian blind can enhance the look of your space. If you are stuck and need help with your Venetian blinds, feel free to reach out to the team at Blind Concepts. Call us at 03 9720 1778.

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