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How To Install Venetian Blinds?

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  • 04
  • 2018

Venetian Blinds offer a great way to add a layer of privacy and shield your space from the harsh rays of the sun. Available in a variety of styles and easy to install, Venetian blinds can enhance the overall look of your home. However, to achieve a neat finish, it is important to install the blinds correctly.

If you are unsure about installing Venetian blinds, the following guide will be of great help.

1. Start by measuring the window cavity so that you have an idea of the space that you want the blind to cover. You can either order for made-to-measure Venetian blinds or buy standard sized blinds. Make sure to keep the blind a little longer and allow a few centimetres of clearance on both sides.

2. On either side of the window cavity, select the point where you want to mount the brackets for the blind. Mark them a little away from the glass so that the blind has space to run neatly. Mark the screw hole and pre-drill them. Screw the brackets and add an extra bracket in the centre for added support if the window cavity is very wide.

3. Install the blind on the brackets in a manner that the blind runs down smoothly. Complete the installation by adding a cleat on the architrave. You can tie the cord to this to ensure that the cords do not pose any hazard.

If you are stuck and need assistance, we are here to help you.

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