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How To Install A Timber Awning Window?

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  • 2018

Timber awning windows are attached along the top and open at the bottom. With their stylish appeal and benefits, they are a popular choice. Easy-to-install and operate, they provide good ventilation and can also be left partly open depending upon the weather.

The process of installing a timber awning is simple and can be achieved in a few easy steps. The following guide can make the process a smooth one for you.

1. To begin with, attach waterproof flashing on the rear side of the window frame in a manner that it can fold and cover the base. Ensure that there is enough overhang on the other end. Staple the overhanging side in to the sides of the window and cut any excess. The flashing will be in place but it will be loose in front.

2. Following this, place the window to be installed in the opening. After the window is in place, take help from someone to firmly pull the flashing from outside. Make sure that the flashing is neat on the front side.

3. Drill pilot holes on the top and bottom of the window frame. The holes need to be at least 40-50mm behind the window jamb and 50-75mm from the bottom and top of the frame. The thickness of the screw shank and the hole drilled should be equal.

4. With the help of the spirit level, check to ensure that the window is laid evenly on the opening of the wall. If the window is not in level, use masonite packers. Use a ruler to check that the frame is in position with the inside walls.

5. In line with the pilot hole on top and lying in between the wall and frame, place a packer. After you are sure that the positioning is correct, fix screws through the pilot hole in the frame of the house. For a neat finish, ensure that the screws are below the surface. You can also add putty before painting for a perfect outcome.

An understanding of the basics of installing a timber awning window can easily help you achieve successful results. With the above steps, you can conveniently install an awning window to complete the look of your space.

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