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How do Bi-fold Doors Help Owners in Transforming the Appeal of their Yards?

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If you are constructing a new home or planning to do some major renovations in your present home, look at installing weather-walls. Such structures will protect your yard and create a sunroom for you to enjoy. They will also help to regulate weather conditions and prevent entry of all types of pests. You will also be able to enjoy blind safety.

Bi Fold Door

What is a weather-wall?

Weather-walls are solid panels or screens which have sections of bi-fold doors. The bi-fold doors allow the walls to be folded back, opening up the inside room. This adds additional space to your home – to enjoy open breezes blowing in, easy access to your yard, and of course more space to entertain.

What are bi-fold doors?

Bi-fold doors are available as folding doors and glass doors that slide. They act as room dividers – sliding open when the panels fold up and get stacked neatly against a wall, much in the manner of a concertina.

Bi-fold doors are available with a panel finish of solid membranes or screens. If there is a requirement for more space, the panels can be given a finish with security mesh, fly screens or vista-weave mesh. For the solid panels, specialised crystal clear material, acrylic sheets or PVC inserts are used.

All the solid panels offer sun blocking, UV protection and they have a tinted or clear finish. A normal bi-fold door would have between two and seven panels which are joined by hinges attached to special rollers both at the bottom and top. Some bi-fold doors have a traffic door as a special feature.

This involves a door which opens like an entrance door at one of the ends allowing the bi0fold to open continuously without pushing the panels back. This is especially useful during the cold season.

Bi-fold doors are used to connect a room to a yard or lawn. Often awning arms are erected over the outer side for protection against sun or rain. Because of the opening provided by the folding effect of the bi-fold doors, awning repairs can also be carried out easily in case of damage.

Benefits of fixing bi-fold doors

  • They open up the room to the outside
  • They give an illusion of additional space and let in natural light
  • They are slim and attractive in appearance
  • The functional and security features are a given
  • They are eco friendly and energy efficient
  • They are available in a wide range of colours
  • Lastly – the property value increases with bi-fold doors


Checks for buying bi-fold doors

  • As bi-fold doors vary quite a bit in quality and cost, before purchasing check on the weather guarantees.
  • Ask the company to give you a guarantee that is insurance-backed.
  • Check the company’s reference by asking previously satisfied customers.
  • The bi-fold doors should pass the current building registrations. A document or certificate in this regard would prove helpful.
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