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How can I find a Somfy expert near me?

With over 200 qualified expert retailers, you are sure to find one near you. At Blind Concepts, we are authorized Somfy experts and you can rely on us for smart home automation solutions.

I am unable to deactivate the sun function on the remote control by pressing the lower button. What should I do?

Press the button for more than two seconds. You will notice the red indicator switch to the ‘wind’ only position from the wind/sun position. To activate the sun position again, you just need to repeat the operation.

Will an RTS installation be costlier than the traditionally wired installation?

This may not always be the case as you can save on the wiring process. Besides, your existing décor is not affected, and this proves to be a major advantage of home automation.

How do I check if my awning has a Somfy powered unit?

All equipment that consists of a Somfy power unit has the label ‘Powered by Somfy’. This way you can be sure of reaping the benefits of Somfy’s quality and reliability.

Why does the guarantee on Somfy products apply from the manufacturing date?

Somfy does not install its products and is engaged only in manufacturing. At Blind Concepts, we have our own guarantee and sales condition.

What makes Somfy home automation products unique?

The home automation solution offered by Somfy is easy to install and versatile. With Somfy, you can motorise the openings of your home and there is no need of any electrical wiring. This implies that you can automate your home at any point without requiring a complete make-over. The solutions offered by Somfy ensure that your investment reaps rich results and you’re able to add value to your property. Whether you wish to automate just a window or your complete home, automating your home cannot get easier.

Is it possible to control roller shutters and sun protection equipment in groups?

With Somfy, it is possible to manage all your roller shutters, blinds and sun protection equipment either individually or in groups.

What are the benefits of motorising roller shutters?

With motorised roller shutters, you can make your home safer and enjoy one-of-a-kind convenience. You get to save on your energy bills and no longer need to spend time managing blinds individually. With just the press of a button, you can control all your blinds. By insulating your home effectively, you can save energy and maintain a comfortable space always. Your home is safer and less prone to break-ins as closing windows and shutters is no longer a hassle. Besides, you can also manage your blinds remotely and give the impression that your home is occupied.

Do I need to replace my windows for installing motorised roller shutters?

No. You can conveniently install Somfy home automation products to your existing windows.

How do I change my favourite slat tilt position?

Use the down button for lowering your blinds with the slats closed. Following this, press and hold the ‘Up’ and ‘My’ button together for about two seconds. You will notice that the blind takes the slat tilt position that is programmed. You can adjust the tilt of the slat with the thumbwheel.

To check the position, press the ‘My’ button once. The blind will lower with the slats closed. On pressing the ‘My’ button again the blind will take the original position that was programmed. You can validate the position by pressing and holding the ‘My’ button. Hold it for more than 5 seconds and the blind will make a downward movement.

Is it normal for the blind to rise when the thumbwheel is moved down?

Yes. The thumbwheel is responsible for the slat tilt adjustment. When the thumbwheel is used, the tilting of the slats is in the same direction but the blind positions itself in the opposite direction.

What is the meaning of RTS?

RTS stands for Radio Technology Somfy. It is a wireless home automation control system that makes use of radio waves and is operated by a remote control.

What are the possible options for automating a screen blind?

Check out the Somfy website for the screen blind configuration aid to determine the best solution for your blind.

How can I find the best motorisation solution for my roller shutters?

Based on your precise needs, you can configure a solution from the Somfy website.

Why should I use the service of a Somfy expert?

To maintain quality, Somfy has partnered with independent enterprises such as Blind Concepts which strictly adhere to the highest standards of quality. Our employees are well-trained and Somfy recommends the use of our service for its product installation to avail the best possible outcome.

Is it okay to raise my blinds with the thumbwheel?

The primary purpose of the thumbwheel is for tilting slats. The up and down button must be used for regular control.

What is the difference between a radio system and a wired control system?

The wired system makes use of electric wires to connect the control to the motor. The wires transmit the commands and the control unit is fixed. On the other hand, in the radio system, there is no electric wiring and the transmission of the command takes place through the radio waves.

You can manage your roller shutters within a radius of 20 metres. You can even control your blinds through the walls. The process of installing is simple and there is no damage to the walls. With Somfy, you can upgrade your home neatly.

Are roller shutters and blinds manufactured by Somfy?

Somfy is only engaged in the designing and manufacturing of home automation devices to power the various openings of your home. The motors and automatic systems are combined with the relevant products like roller shutters and blinds by Blind Concepts.

What does ‘Home Motion’ mean?

Somfy home motion system works in coordinating the automatic systems and controls to enable smooth functioning of the openings of your home. There are motors for window coverings which are linked to the controls by the radio system. Based on the time of the day and existing weather conditions, the automatic devices are used to program the movements.

Is the lowering of Venetian blinds possible automatically when exposed to sunlight?

If your blinds are controlled by an RTS remote, this is possible by installing a sun sensor. There is no need for electric wires as the process operates on solar power. Even when you are not home, you blind will lower automatically.

Is it possible to upgrade an installation with wiring?

Absolutely. You just need an RTS that will cause the centralization of all your commands and transfer these to the motor through the wiring. Later if you decide to add a new RTS product, the need to wire to a control point will not be there.

Do I need to motorise all products together with an RTS?

Not at all. You can choose the product that you wish to motorise. You can motorise your blinds now and other products like your awnings sometime later. Based on your changing needs, you can modify your installation, add a new product or function. The process of home automation is highly adaptable.

Are Somfy products guaranteed?

There is a guarantee for a period of 5 years. This is from the manufacturing date marked on the products for Somfy motors, accessories for roller shutter and automatic systems.

Is the motorisation of an awning already existing possible?

This is possible in most instances. However, the tube’s diameter needs to be a minimum of 70 mm. To know more on this, please get in touch with us.

What is the process of choosing an automated indoor blind based on my specific need?

Based on your precise needs, you can configure a solution on the Somfy website or get in touch with us to discuss further.

Is the motorisation of an indoor blind already existing possible?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact us to know more on this.

My screen is managed by a remote control and sun sensor. However, it does not come down when the sun is shining.

Press on the ‘My’ button on the remote. With a downward motion of your screen, the blind will be able to act in the sunshine.

Is it possible to operate all the motorised equipment of your home with one remote control?

The RTS technology is compatible with Somfy applications. With just one remote, you can conveniently operate all the motorised equipment.

What are the benefits of motorising an external awning?

Automating your awnings gives you the flexibility to make the most of your space and extend it. You get to spend quality time outdoors with your family and friends. With just the press of a button, you can manage your awnings and choose the most favourable position. You can even add weather sensors that cause the awning to extend if there is sunshine and retract in windy weather conditions. Since your awnings stay protected from extreme weather conditions, they are sure to last longer. You can even add heaters to your awnings that can also be controlled with a remote. You can illuminate your space at night and light up the deck with a remote to create a comfortable and appealing outdoor space.

Is the motorisation of all the different varieties of outdoor awnings possible?

It is possible to install Somfy power units in most types of outdoor awnings. Be it a simple arm awning or a more sophisticated model, motorisation is possible. There is also the possibility to manage the awnings’ valance for added protection when the sun is lower in the sky.

What is the process of changing my screen blinds’ favourite position?

You just need to position your blind to the position you want with the ‘my’ button. Following this, simply select and hold the button and you notice a slight downward movement. This is an indication that your favourite position has been saved.

Is it possible to motorise all the different styles of roller shutters?

In most cases, automation and motorisation of all types of roller shutters are possible.

What are the various forms of indoor blinds that can be motorised?

There are a majority of indoor blinds that can be motorized, such as Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, curtains, roll-up fabric blinds and more.

In the event a product from Somfy has been in storage for a period of time, there may be the disadvantage with respect to the guarantee.

The guarantee condition offered by Somfy is in consideration with their just-in-time manufacturing as a result of which the production is in line with the demand. This ensures that there is a minimum difference between the date of manufacturing and installation.

What are the benefits of powering an indoor blind?

By automating your indoor blinds, you get the flexibility to position your blinds based on your daily needs. This ensures that your blinds and curtains last longer. You can adjust the level of light entering your home to create a comfortable indoor space. This enables you to protect your furniture from the sun and even your privacy is maintained. You get the convenience of managing all your blinds with just the press of a button. The smooth operation ensures that your blinds last longer.

Is it possible to include a remote control to an existing Venetian blind?

You just need to include a radio receiver and you get to experience all the conveniences of a Telis Mod/Var RTS remote control. Moreover, the central thumbwheel can be used to manage the tilt of your blinds. To know more on this, please get in touch with us.

In my remote, I am unable to locate the stop button.

The ‘my’ button can be used to stop the blind while it is changing its position.

Is it fine if the home motion installation is programmed by me?

It is recommended to get in touch with Blind Concepts for any functions required in your home motion system. Based on the type of control, there are several home automation operations that can be done by you. However, there are reconfigurations and upgrades required. These need to be carried out by an expert otherwise there is a risk of damage to the power unit or the equipment.

Is redecorating a home necessary for motorising blinds?

Not at all. With Somfy Radio Technology, there is no need for any wiring. This is a simple and convenient home automation system.

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