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3 Easy Ways To Decorate Windows With Blinds and Plantation Shutters

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  • 2018

The right kind of window furnishings not only provide excellent protection against temperature, light and weather conditions but also enhance the look of any space. In fact, window furnishing is considered an integral part of the decor and there are several ways you can use them to upgrade the look of your entire house.

Different window furnishings have their own distinct style and not only add character to a room but also increase the value of your property.

Add a Touch of Style and Elegance

Blinds and shutters come in a large range of designs, styles and fabrics. While this is excellent as it gives you wider choice, it can be quite confusing too.

The right kind of window furnishing should blend in with your existing decor and enhance it further. Whether you have a traditional decor or contemporary modern decor, there are blinds and shutters to suit your requirements.

Blinds and shutters are also available in different colours and finishes. This is another thing to consider. You can either buy your blinds and shutters in shades that match your walls for a look of muted elegance or in contrasting shades to create a dramatic effect.

Make your window furnishing a focal point

Often, a window furnishing in stunning and captivating design can become the focal point of your room. The focal point is a central theme that acts like an anchor that binds the entire decor of a space.

If you have moved to a new house or changing your existing decor, consider buying your blinds and shutters first. You can then select the right interior design theme to blend in with your blinds and plantations shutters to lend a harmonious look to the entire space.

You can keep the decor simple and install striking window furnishings with retro designs, geometric patterns or bright bold shades to make your windows the focal point of your rooms.

Create different styles in different rooms

If you want each room in your house to look exclusive and have its own character, you can choose different types of shutters for different rooms.

Your options include full shutters that open as a single panel. These are best installed in homes that have enough free space around so that the entire window can be left open without compromising privacy.

Cafe shutters that cover only half the window (the lower part) are great when you want a good view of the outdoors while protecting your privacy. These are ideally suited for windows that are open to the street. With the upper half left open, you can enjoy the fresh air and an eye-level view of the outdoors while ensuring total privacy for your family.

You can also install double-hung shutters where the top and bottom panels can be operated separately.

Each design not only has its own distinct advantage but also helps to create different styles in different rooms.

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