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Video on Black Roller Blinds Installation in Melbourne

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  • 2017

Black sheer sun screen

We are often asked “what’s the best colour for sun screen roller blinds”. It often goes…..

Answer…. “black”.

First response….. “yuck”

Considered response….. “ok”

Post installation response…… “thank you so much”.

Black absorbs the light, the solar rays and provides a matt (non glare) interface between your eyes and the internal side of the blind. This creates the ability to look openly at the window and blind without glare as if looking straight through on an over cast day. Alternatively no one can see in during daylight.

Lighter colour sun screens will block the same amount of solar rays, like for like but the lighter you choose the greater the light penetrates the fibre and it transfers through the fibre illuminating the yarn. The bright illumination reflects off your eyes creating glare.

Black, absorbing the light, brings alive outside colours, particularly primary’s, bringing the outside in more than ever. Rather than darken the room, as one of thinks of when thinking black, it brings rooms to life at the height of the sun’s penetration by allowing a cool absorption of the solar yet allowing the view of the side with all its colour and beauty.

Here is a short slide show to show the affect and clarity of view, a great modern renovation of a classic in Coburg. Look at the windows without the sun screen then with, the vision is just as clear.

Check out our padded Pelmets, Block Out Roller Blinds and Romans. A beautiful finish to an amazing Reno, measured and installed in 3 weeks.

We do more than decorate.

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