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Benefits of Somfy Motorizing Roller Blinds by Blind Concepts

  • 24
  • 07
  • 2017

Somfy Motorized roller blinds by Blind Concepts present a convenient way of automating your window coverings and reaping immense benefits. The advanced features of motorized blinds enable you to easily regulate the temperature and light of your space by just the press of a button. Somfy motors can be easily installed on all types of blinds and make the perfect solution for large windows and hard to reach blinds. Somfy Motorized blinds by Blind Concepts offer a practical solution that not only makes your space appear attractive but also offers utmost convenience.

Listed below are some of the benefits of Somfy motorized roller blinds.


The foremost benefit of installing a Somfy motorized roller blind by Blind Concepts is the ease that it offers. The automated features of Somfy roller blinds give you the freedom to operate and adjust your blinds with just the use of a button. You can also control your blinds remotely or even automatically schedule the adjustment of your blinds at regular intervals. The ‘my’ function in Somfy motorized blinds by Blind Concepts allows you to set a preferred blind position that is your favourite and access it by just the press of the ‘my’ button.

Cordless Features:

The fact that Somfy motorized blinds by Blind Concepts are cordless makes them extremely safe for homes with kids and pets. The presence of cords and wires can cause slips and falls. Besides, cords can also lead to strangling and choking hazards. Somfy Motorized blinds by Blind Concepts present a safe solution and impart a tidier appearance to your space. Somfy motorized blinds by Blind Concepts are 100% wireless and you do not require any electrical connection to motorize your blinds.

Energy Efficient:

Somfy Motorized blinds by Blind Concepts are not only convenient to use but are also energy efficient and can help you save on your electricity bills. Partially rolling the blinds on a winter afternoon gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outside view and the warmth of the sun. Similarly, during summer, you are equipped to maintain a comfortable temperature by using your blinds to shield your space.You can conveniently open or close your blinds based on your requirement rather than use artificial heating and cooling sources.


Another amazing benefit of using Somfy motorized blinds by Blind Concepts is the added safety that they offer. With Somfy motorized blinds, all your window coverings can be synced to one remote control, adding a level of ease. When you are not around, you can easily use the timer function to schedule your blinds positions through the day. This gives the impression that your home is occupied and reduces the probability of it being targeted by intruders.

Optimize your space:

Somfy Motorized blinds by Blind Concepts make it easier for you to make the most efficient use of your space. Be it your indoor or outdoor space, you can easily use motorized blinds to define your space and make the best use of it. With Somfy motorized blinds in the outdoor area, you have the freedom to use your space in all seasons. The ease to operate further simplifies the process for you.

Offers protection to furnishings:

An added benefit of Somfy motorized blinds by Blind Concepts is the fact that they prevent your furnishings from the harsh rays of the sun. This helps to prevent your furniture and art from any form of damage. Using blinds can also help prolong the life of your wall paint.

Indeed, with the countless benefits, Somfy motorized blinds by Blind Concepts can immensely upgrade the appearance and functionality of the house.

Are you eager to install Somfy motors to your roller blinds? Get in touch with Blind Concepts.
Blind Concepts specializes in the installation and service of Somfy motors for all types of window coverings. We are an authorized Somfy service provider and can help you to efficiently motorize your blinds. At Blind Concepts, we also have an amazing collection of indoor and outdoor curtains and blinds. Our huge range of curtains and blinds are designed to suit all styles, colours and lifestyles. Get in touch with us today to know more. Our representative will be glad to discuss your next project and offer a free quote. You can call us on 03 9720 1778.

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