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Are Motorised Blinds Right for You?

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  • 2018

You may have heard a lot about motorized blinds and wondered if this was the right choice for your home. Motorized blinds are more expensive than regular blinds, however the benefits can out way the costs. The fact is that there are a lot of reasons why motorized blinds are the right option for your home. Lets take a look at everything that motorized blinds have to offer to see if this is a great choice for you.

The biggest benefit of motorised blinds is the convenience that they offer. Some come with a remote control, allowing you to operate the blinds while you are relaxing. Even more conveniently, some motorized blinds can be controlled from an app on your smartphone or tablet. There are even some motorized blinds that have scheduling options so that you don’t even have to think about opening or closing the blinds. Motorized blinds also have the capability to react to temperature or sun thresholds, opening or closing them based on the thresholds you have set. There is no more convenient option than motorized blinds.

Motorized blinds also offer you a way to save money on your energy bills. A sensor can be connected to your motorized blinds, allowing you to have them stay closed on hot summer days while the air conditioner is going. Having sun enter in the windows on days like these will heat up the room, defeating the purpose of having the air conditioner on to begin with. Similarly, on colder days the sensor will open up the windows to allow sun to warm up the room. In both situations, you are saving a fair amount of money thanks to these blinds.

There are a lot of safety issues that anyone who has kids in the home if there are blinds in the space. Blinds are especially dangers because they can be choking hazards for children. Motorized blinds are great because there are no cords for a child to get wrapped up in. They are solidly put in place, also helping to avoid injuries that can often occur when traditional blinds fall and hit children.

A final benefit to these types of blinds are the security benefits. By having the blinds open and close at random points of time, this will give the illusion that someone is home even if they are not. One way that you can do this is by setting up a schedule for your blinds that change every day.

If you are looking for window treatments that will truly benefit your home, motorized blinds can be the perfect choice for you. There are different types of motorized blinds on the market today, so it can be important to research all of your options to make sure that you get the best blinds for your home. Think about what your needs are and look at the different options to see which ones will meet those needs. Motorized blinds are stylish and convenient options that truly add to any space.

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