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Alfresco enclosures for making the most of your outdoor areas

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Alfresco enclosures allow people to enjoy the open outdoor areas of their home – sitting out in the patio or porch. To protect them from adverse weather conditions an alfresco can be installed to enclose the said open areas. This addition to a home has become a popular concept; it not only provides weather protection but it also gives the home an aesthetic appearance.

Alfresco Enclosures

How an alfresco enclosure works

Though you would normally associate an alfresco enclosure with keeping out the sun when sitting in the porch, it is also a welcome addition during the winter months. You could keep the doors open during daylight hours and close them before nightfall. Appropriate sections of the alfresco can be kept open when it rains, or used to keep heavy winds out. Having awning arms installed will also be helpful.

Types of alfresco enclosures

There are many bi-fold door companies offering good alfresco installation services. Areas measuring 3 metres high and 12 metres wide can be enclosed – even on upper floors of your home. You can opt for folding or hinged doors, and fixed windows or doors if any furniture placement is required.

Alfresco materials

Good bi-fold companies use quality folding hardware products to manufacture alfresco external doors. The hardware takes into account the elements using stainless steel with 316 cast, steel of architectural grade; the bearings are also of stainless steel. All these components ensure blind safety. As a further corrosion safeguard all the steel surfaces that are on view are electro-polished. This treatment helps to eliminate any contamination and reduces surface rust.

Alfresco installation

All alfresco enclosures need to be built and shaped on site – as they are required to conform to the same measurements once the frames have been fitted to the opening. Alfresco enclosures cannot be pre-constructed in any warehouse.

The frame which is fitted to the brickwork is the first step. Then only should the doors be shaped and cut. If this procedure is not followed and the frame is out of alignment even as little as 3 mm, the pre-trimmed doors will not fit and there will be a gap.

In general doors have a small gap to help them to slide, fold or hinge. Any additional gap will hinder the smooth movement and weather elements will be able to enter the home. The following sequence is followed when installing alfresco enclosures:

  • The opening for installation of the alfresco enclosure has to be prepared.
  • Exact measurements of the opening are then taken.
  • The bi-fold frame is then assembled according to the opening.
  • The custom shaped door is then secured to the frame.
  • If an awning is already in place and any awning repairs or alterations are required the same should be attended to.

 Benefits of alfresco enclosures

  • Alfresco enclosures help to lessen the cost of other cooling and heating appliances.
  • Noise level is significantly reduced.
  • Condensation during the winter months is almost eliminated.
  • Alfresco enclosures add aesthetic beauty to your home.
  • The value of your home also increases significantly.
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